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Request: Third Wheel by Dredgone Request: Third Wheel :icondredgone:Dredgone 27 4 Request: Winnoa and Kyle by Dredgone Request: Winnoa and Kyle :icondredgone:Dredgone 10 2 Request: Sharron and Beth by Dredgone Request: Sharron and Beth :icondredgone:Dredgone 22 1 Kyle Inside Kamira by Dredgone Kyle Inside Kamira :icondredgone:Dredgone 8 5 Request: A Date with Kamira, Part 2 by Dredgone
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Request: A Date with Kamira, Part 2 :icondredgone:Dredgone 46 2
Request: Aki's Seat Cushion by Dredgone
Mature content
Request: Aki's Seat Cushion :icondredgone:Dredgone 33 4
Request: A Date with Kamira by Dredgone Request: A Date with Kamira :icondredgone:Dredgone 33 3 Request: Bouncing Neko by Dredgone Request: Bouncing Neko :icondredgone:Dredgone 8 2 Request: Nagato's Navel by Dredgone Request: Nagato's Navel :icondredgone:Dredgone 31 3 Gabi the Gluttonous by Dredgone Gabi the Gluttonous :icondredgone:Dredgone 34 7 Contest: Lightness and Darkness by Dredgone Contest: Lightness and Darkness :icondredgone:Dredgone 20 1 Request: In Goes Glen by Dredgone Request: In Goes Glen :icondredgone:Dredgone 28 0 Request: Don't Sniff the Flowers by Dredgone Request: Don't Sniff the Flowers :icondredgone:Dredgone 25 2
Request: Dinner for Two, Continued
An early birthday present to nameless-phantom, who requested this story a while ago as a brief continuation of an earlier request but school kept me from finishing it. I wanted to get it out in time so I apologize if it seems weak in some areas. 
Anyway, Happy Birthday phantom. I've said it before, but thank you for letting me use your OCs. 
Naomi had no idea how she got here. It’d been a normal day of relaxing, studying, and feeding her “roommate” Natasha. Then, before she knew it, there was a flash of purple light and now she found herself here: sitting on the lap of a large, pink demoness, pressed up against her gurgling belly. She glanced around the area, but the most she could make out was a strange, hazy atmosphere. 
A slurping sound and a giggle drew her attention upward, Naomi looked up to see her friend, Tara. More accurately, she saw Tara’s head and shoulders sticking out of the mouth of the large demonic girl.
:icondredgone:Dredgone 3 1
Kamira Quickie by Dredgone Kamira Quickie :icondredgone:Dredgone 11 0 Request: Shinobu by Dredgone Request: Shinobu :icondredgone:Dredgone 48 1


[Comm] The Serpent's Sin 2 by angelgts [Comm] The Serpent's Sin 2 :iconangelgts:angelgts 194 19 succubus supreme by TriffRaff
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Spiders catch sketch by Twisted-melody13
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Lunge by somiad Lunge :iconsomiad:somiad 95 3



Lately I’ve noticed something from some (though not many) vore artists’ work. Upon eating someone, the victim’s face appears on the pred’s body like a tattoo. Like so: (…)
Help me understand: is this just a stylistic choice or is there something more to it?
Should’ve seen this’s back with a vengeance so expect delays on those requests.
Request: Third Wheel
An anonymous request.

Much like before (…) the requester's OC tightly sits in Kamira's belly while she and Kyle enjoy each other's company on the outside.
Request: Winnoa and Kyle
Kyle has had a lot of experience with giant, supernatural women. At least Winnoa here just seems to find him "cute" instead of "tasty."

Winnoa belongs to Retro7 (
Request: Sharron and Beth
A request from Feyzer's ( OC, Sharron, having fun with Beth on the beach. More accurately, she's having fun with Beth's boyfriend/toy, Nick, smothering him in his enormous girlfriend's belly.
I've been in a bit of a conundrum the past few days, I've said before that I wanted to create more original work with my own characters but at the same time I'm running into writer's block that was often kicked by requests.

So I've decided to bring them back...with the caveat that for the time being, I only will be taking requests that involve at least one of my own characters, either my regularly recurring OCs or even just some one-shot characters who I haven't gone back to. HOWEVER, I'm still perfectly willing to have requester's OCs in there too, just so long as at least one of my own is present too.

Kamira is my biggest OC right now, and I'd like to give little Kyle some more involvement, but as I said there are a few other characters I made who haven't gotten much involvement, so I'd appreciate anyone giving any of them a chance. Here are the other ones I'm willing to use so far:

-The Goddess (from my first deviations)

While vore is obviously what I'm really into right now, I'm of course willing to do other stuff. Typically, I'd appreciate it if my girls were the ones playing with/eating/whatevering others while Erin and Kyle being on the receiving end from whoever, but we could always work out the details.

Also, I'm gonna be a little more strict on myself when it comes to how many requests I accept. If I'm starting to feel overwhelmed, I may start turning them down not because of the ideas, but because I want to finish other ones first. Again, I may also work on them out of order of receiving them just because I'm more in the mood for a particular one, or at least feel it is easier to finish faster.



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I am a giantess/monster girl enthusiast and have been for some time. While I'm not new to posting art to DA, I am new at publishing artwork and writing related to my fantasy. I just wanna create cool things that people will like.


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Devon13168 Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2017
Hi. :) Can I have a request Astro-Spark (50ft. tall Giantess Superhero) happily doing a karate battle pose against a monster in the city, please? :)

  vs. Neronga by Pyrus-Leonidas  
Dredgone Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Still on break from requests right now
Devon13168 Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2017
I understand. :)
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And thanks for watching~! <3
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Thanks for the Watch and the Fav! You will not be disappointed, I have new chapters of my epic story coming out very soon, I hope you are enjoying it! Feel free to post comments and questions I am very good about responding. Fav's are very much appreciated! 
Dredgone Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You’re welcome, also if it’s not too much trouble could I ask for feedback on this story? (…)

Art is my current forte, but I’ve been wanting to start writing stories too. You seem much better at it than I, at least with vore and such, any feedback would be helpful
DevilNaga Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
no problem I will give it a read!
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Hai. .3.

I have one question: Do you roleplay?
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